PDC World Darts Championship odds, tips and predictions including Michael Van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price

Gerwyn Price aims for a second world title (PA Archive)

Gerwyn Price aims for a second world title (PA Archive)

Michael Van Gerwen is a favorite for this year’s PDC World Darts Championship, but the Dutchman will face fierce competition to claim the Sid Waddell Trophy.

Champion Peter Wright, who beat Michael Smith in an exciting final 7 last year, and 2021 champion Gerwyn Price are clear favorites with £500,000 to be awarded to the winner.

In the genesis of the tournament, Van Gerwen countered critics who argued that he should have won more than three world titles given his talent, but Van Gerwen, 33, argues he has nothing to prove.

“Of course I want to add more, but as long as I keep winning tournaments, the World Championships will follow,” he told the PA news agency. “There it is, keep believing in yourself. People always say you have to do this or that, I’ve won four big tournaments this season so I’m not complaining. I’m fine From now on, only more to come.

“I don’t have to prove anything, everybody knows what I’ve done in darts in the last 10-15 years, what I can do. I just want to do what I love most, and that’s to play as well as I can.” Here is the 2023 World Darts Championship schedule:

2022/23 World Darts Championship odds – as of 21 December

Michael van Gerwen 5/2

Michael Smith 11/2

Gerwyn Price 13/2

Peter Wright 10/1

Luke Humphries 14/1

Josh Rock 16/1

Johnny Clayton18/1

Dimitri Van den Bergh 25/1

Nathan Aspinall 28/1

Dirk van Duijvenbode 33/1

Rob Cross 33/1

Danny Noppert 33/1

Dave Chisnal 33/1

Joe Cullen 40/1

Damon Heta 40/1

Gary Anderson 40/1

Raymond Van Barneveld 50/1

James Term 50/1

Ross Smith 66/1

Ryan Searle66/1

Chris Dobey 80/1

Jose De Sousa 80/1

Alan Soutar 100/1

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We’re going with Michael van Gerwen (9/4 pre-tournament), he’s back in form this year with four major titles that made him the best player of his generation and a tough man to bet against.

But Michael Smith (7/1) may be people’s choice after the heartache against Wright last year. Now may be the time for Bully Boy, who has been revived after catching a streak of eight major recent losses to finally achieve victory at the Grand Slam. However, Smith could run into trouble with the likes of Luke Humphries, Dave Chisnall and Joe Cullen, who pose tough hurdles on the way to the final.

A dark horse or someone to follow? It should be Nathan Aspinall (33/1). Asp is mentally stronger after surviving the injury nightmare and now has results to back it up after making the World Grand Prix and Grand Slam finals, which means there can be value in every way in the Stockport man.

Definitely Josh Rock (16/1) is one for the future and the 21-year-old will be dying to make some noise here, but the prospect of being the sixth favorite makes him a daunting choice for punters, but fans will lick their lips with Callan Rydz as unlikely to be able to confirm any title credentials. in a second round match.

2022/23 World Darts Championship

Game Calendar

Thursday, December 15 (1900 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Mickey Mansell 3-1 Ben Robb (K1)

Keane Barry 1-3 Grant Sampson (R1)

Jermaine Wattimena 2-3 Nathan Rafferty (K1)

Peter Wright 3-0 Mickey Mansell (K2)

Friday, December 16

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Alan Soutar 3-0 Mal Cuming (R1)

Boris Krcmar 3-0 Toru Suzuki (R1)

Adrian Lewis 3-0 Daniel Larsson (K1)

Kim Huybrechts 3-0 Grant Sampson (R2)

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Rowby-John Rodriguez 2-3 Laurence Ilagan (K1)

William O’Connor 3-0 Beau Greaves (K1)

Keegan Brown 2-3 Florian Hempel (R1)

Michael Smith 3-0 Nathan Rafferty (K2)

Saturday, December 17

Afternoon Session (1100 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Martin Lukeman 3-0 Nobuhiro Yamamoto (K1)

Simon Whitlock 3-2 Christian Perez (K1)

Adam Gawlas 3-2 Richie Burnett (K1)

Daryl Gurney 0-3 Alan Soutar (R2)

Evening Session (2000 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Ryan Meikle 3-2 Lisa Ashton (R1)

Cameron Menzies 3-1 Diogo Portela (R1)

Josh Rock 3-1 Jose Justicia (K1)

Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-0 Laurence Ilagan (K2)

Sunday, December 18

Afternoon Session (1100 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Madars Razma 3-1 Prakash Jiwa (R1)

Karel Sedlacek 3-0 Raymond Smith (R1)

Luke Woodhouse 3-0 Vladyslav Omelchenko (K1)

Damon Heta 3-0 Adrian Lewis (R2)

Evening Session (2000 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Mike De Decker 3-1 Jeff Smith (K1)

Scott Williams 3-1 Ryan Joyce (K1)

Matt Campbell 0-3 Danny Baggish (K1)

Nathan Aspinall 3-1 Boris Krcmar (R2)

Monday, December 19

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Andrew Gilt 3-2 Robert Owen (K1)

Danny Jansen 3-2 Paolo Nebrida (K1)

Niels Zonneveld 0-3 Lewy Williams (R1)

Jose de Sousa 3-2 Simon Whitlock (K2)

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Geert Nentjes 1-3 Leonard Gates (R1)

Ritchie Edhouse 2-3 David Cameron (R1)

Steve Beaton 0-3 Danny van Trijp (R1)

Gerwyn Price 3-1 Luke Woodhouse (R2)

Tuesday, December 20 (1900 GMT)

3x First Round, 1x Second Round

Jim Williams 3-2 Sebastian Bialecki (K1)

Jamie Hughes 1-3 Jimmy Hendriks (K1)

Ricky Evans 3-1 Fallon Sherrock (R1)

Raymond van Barneveld 3-1 Ryan Meikle (R2)

Wednesday, December 21

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

2x First Round, 2x Second Round

John O’Shea – Darius Labanauskas (R1)

Martijn Kleermaker – Xicheng Han (R1)

Callan Rydz and Josh Rock (R2)

Dave Chisnall v Andrew Gilding (R2)

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

4x Second Round

Mervyn King v Danny Baggish

Gabriel Clemens vs. William O’Connor

Michael van Gerwen v Lewy Williams

Stephen Bunting – Leonard Gates

Thursday, December 22

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

4x Second Round

Krzysztof Ratajski – Danny Jansen

Ryan Searle vs. Adam Gawlas

Mensur Suljovic v Mike De Decker

Dirk van Duijvenbode v Karel Sedlacek

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

4x Second Round

Gary Anderson vs. Madars Razma

James Wade v Jim Williams

Luke Humphries – Florian Hempel

Vincent van der Voort v Cameron Menzies

Friday, December 23

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

4x Second Round

Brendan Dolan vs. Jimmy Hendriks

Chris Dobey – Kleermaker/Han

Ross Smith – O’Shea/Labanauskas

Rob Cross and Scott Williams

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

4x Second Round

Martin Schindler v Martin Lukeman

Danny Noppert v David Cameron

Jonny Clayton vs. Danny Van Trijp

Joe Cullen v Ricky Evans

Tuesday, December 27

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

3x Third Round

Dimitri Van den Bergh – Ratajski/Jansen/Nebrida

Nathan Aspinall vs. Rydz/Rock

Clayton/Beaton/Van Trijp – Dolan/Hughes/Hendriks

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

3x Third Round

Wade/J Williams/Bialecki – Clemens/O’Connor/Greaves

Gerwyn Price v Raymond Van Barneveld

Peter Wright and Kim Huybrechts

Wednesday, December 28

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

3x Third Round

Searle/Gawlas/Burnett – Jose De Sousa

Noppert/Edhouse/Cameron – Alan Soutar

Anderson/Razma/Jiwa – Dobey/Kleermaker/Han

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

3x Third Round

Cullen/Evans vs Damon Heta

Van Gerwen/Zonneveld/L Williams – Suljovic/De Decker/J Smith

Michael Smith – Schindler/Lukeman

Thursday, December 29

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

3x Third Round

Van Duijvenbode/Sedlacek/Ray Smith – Ross Smith/O’Shea/Labanauskas

Cross/S Williams/Joyce – King/Campbell/Baggish

Chisnall/Gilding/Owen – Bunting/Nentjes/Gates

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

1x Third Round, 2x Fourth Round

Humphries/K Brown/Hempel – Van der Voort/Menzies/Portela

Fourth Round matches to be announced on 29-30 December

Game schedule is subject to change. Changes will be reported on pdc.tv and via OfficialPDC social media channels.


Round One – Best of five sets

Second Round – Best of five sets

Third Round – Best of seven sets

Round Four – Best of seven sets

Quarterfinals – Best of nine sets

Semi-Finals – Best of 11 Sets

Final – best of 13 sets

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