Pescadores artesanales in Chile temen for su futuro, el cambio climate and bad scenery

for Rodrigo Garrido

VALPARAÍSO, Chile, 22 dic (Reuters) – Pequeñas caletas, los pescadores artesanales dicen que la vida se está poniendo ás pás fícil, off the costa coast of Chile: el impacto de la pesca in los recursos marinos se suma al cam da clim que Plan economically because other flammable materials are also valuable for boots.

For a normal industry, a close Congress had a new beginning esperanza to be legal, the office of sacrifice from the legacy of our ancestors could be preserved, carried out as a normal rule.

“Nuestra culture en este momento está en riesgo desaparecer”, dijo Eduardo Quiroz, Caleta Portales artesanal, ubicada en el puerto de Valparaíso en la costa center del país.

“Tenemos una gran esperanza de que sea una una ley hecha para las recuración de los recuperación” is considered a sobrepoblacion of marino lobes.

With the expansion in the Pacific Ocean, Chile is one of the world’s largest exporters and maritime mayors with more than $7,000 million in revenue in the Sub-Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Economy in 2021. El país además is the mayor’s global producer of cobre.

The real lei, which made a strong entry into 2013, was accepted by the political and social sectors driven by cases of corruption, took longer to be approved for justice. Some of the pescadores groups are for the benefit of the norm of all great dangers.

Vice-president Gabriel Boric has compromised a term nominee promoting a house in the legislature. The gobierno impulse that takes place in all markets in “Pesca with Encuentros” for the acceptance of demands and purposes, as well as the opinions of experts and organizations.

“Tenners a New Ley in Pesca is important to save the trust of actors in the industry and the país in the norm,” said Julio Salas, sub-secretary of Pesca and Acuicultura.

Chile, 99,557 artescadores registered in official registers, some data from gobierno.

Economy minister Nicolás Grau wrote in a local diary in April and in the near future that a new development will emerge. Conversations with representatives of sector surgery contacts as sustainability and artescadores artescades with the mayor’s participation in small groups.

In a statement by Reuters, Industrial District Mayor Sonapesca was crucial to dialogue, where technical and scientific positive impacts and elimination of current negatives are important, sustainability as part of the industry where alto standards are allowed to be taken.

All país llegaron artistic directors for Valparaíso in October fines, coordination and advancement of the communes, the management of the actual legislative system and others to think alike.

“Tenemos que luchar con el climate, contra la naturel, contra lobos marinos, contra la industry, es un calvario a veces”, Relata Rodrigo Gallardo, Valparaíso’s other pescador artesanal, que también que to be lalegal alert.

Pescador culminates in Pesca de Arrastre in Chile, which seems to suggest that the impetus for the creation of Pesca and Estado kept pescadors like trabajadors all over the world busy with ensuring their social and working security. “Nuestro trabajo está en niveles de colapso”, aseguró he.

(Rporte de Rodrigo Garrido, by Natalia Ramos. Edited by Adam Jourdan)

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