Physicist on GYSS teases ‘Kim K could be next US president’

Kim Kardashian in a light pink dress on the left and Dutch-British physicist Andre Geim on the right.

Kim Kardashian (left), Dutch-British physicist Andre Geim (PHOTOS: Getty Images)

A top scholar has warned that democracy is in danger of turning into a popularity contest that could secure reality TV star Kim Kardashian being elected president.

Speaking at the 11th Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) held in Singapore, British-Dutch physicist Sir Andre Geim said he believes that if the current trend continues, it will have a negative impact on society.

“You’ll find out the next president [of the United States] She could be Kim Kardashian in 10 or 20 years because she has more followers than anyone else on the internet. “We’re moving towards a democracy where people start voting based on the number of likes they get,” he said.

In 10 or 20 years, you’ll find out that the next president might be Kim Kardashian because she has more followers than anyone else on the internet. We are moving towards a kind of democracy where people start voting based on how many likes they get.

This year, GYSS organized conferences and panels covering the fields of politics, science and technology.

The conference, organized by the National Research Foundation January 17-20, covered topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), finance ethics, inequality, advances in science, and politicians’ misinterpretation of reality.

Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat delivers the keynote address at the 11th Global Young Scientists Summit.

Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat delivers the keynote address at the 11th Global Young Scientists Summit. (Photo source: NRF Singapore)

The summit was initiated by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Economic Policy Coordinator and Chairman of the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF).

More than 350 attendees attended the sessions held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and more than 1,400 virtually attended the conference.

Young researchers from 29 countries on five continents engaged in open dialogues with some of the best minds around the world, including Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize, and Turing Prize winners.

Panel discussion at the 11th Global Young Scientists Summit with a mediator and three guest speakers.

A panel discussion at the 11th Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS). (Photo source: NRF Singapore)

The rise of artificial intelligence and working with technology

citing a book on AI, The Age of Artificial Intelligence: And Our Human FutureChan Heng Chee, Ambassador of the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed his concerns about how artificial intelligence and technology could potentially overtake humans.

“In a war, the machine can make decisions for you before the person even thinks about pushing a button. That’s extremely worrying,” Chan says. It warns of the effects of productive AI on warfare.

as reported by EconomistThe rise of AI-enabled weapons has the potential to upset the global balance of power in what has been termed “AI-assisted warfare.” This could predict an even greater power struggle in politics.

Still, Chen details the added value to society when scientists and social scientists work hand in hand with technology rather than against it.

This illustration photograph taken in Krakow, Poland on January 15, 2023, shows the AI ​​mark displayed on a phone screen, the silhouette of a paper shaped like a human face, and a binary code displayed on the screen.

AI mark displayed on a phone screen (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Fake news and future diplomacy

The reliability of information and the spread of fake news were also hotly debated.

Panel speakers referred to the American politician George Santos, who is currently under investigation by federal, state, county and Brazilian authorities. Alongside his biography, Santos fabricated eviction and personal debt lawsuits.

It is disturbing that truth is now devalued in many societies.

These false claims include personal information such as the person’s ancestry, education, employment, charitable work, property ownership, and alleged victimization of crimes.

George Santos, an American politician wearing a navy blue suit leaving the US Capitol

George Santos leaves the US Capitol on January 12, 2023 (PHOTO: Getty Images)

“The denigration of truth in many societies now is troubling,” says Chan.

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