PL equips Bolsonaro’s jurisdiction to “counter attack” after occupying Três Poderes

for Ricardo Brito

BRASÍLIA (Reuters) – OPL has decided to strengthen its lawyers, saying former president Jair Bolsonaro was a supporter of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva after an invasion and looting, which the Judges considered a “counter attack”. Três Poderes, along with officials who served as imams or former executive chiefs in response to vandalism attacks, confirmed at Reuters that legend fonts are important.

The most important preoccupation is the second of the Bolsonaro legend trophy fonts, the Justice Party’s incompetence of the former president and Bolsonaro’s plans to expand the 2024 municipal qualifiers as a showcase and puxador. The votes set a new nominee for Palácio do Planalto in 2026.

With the rise of domingo and violent incidents by Bolsonaro’s apoiadores, the depois –retirada do ar horas depois– que novamente leimentava and desconfiança sobre or processo eleitoral, insuflando bolsonaristas que pedem Lula, used by the former president to reduce postage against goal.

The former president has conducted investigations into electronic devices, in all 12 pedidos of the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE) investigation, and was charged with abuse of power in an intense case of ficha-suja abuse.

In one legal domain of Lula, TSE com was not allowed to participate in TSE or malicious individuals who opened an investigation into the former president’s electoral system and caused it to be dispersed during “captivity pack” distribution or during qualifying periods.

In PT’s core legal system, in keeping with some of the discussion, you may decide to explore cases of destruction that may have an algorithm that can be opened in the absence of TSE. Defenders consider themselves “obvious” after the attacks on Bolsonaro, put more effort into advancing research, making it the most important context to learn more.

“Fazer agora sem aguard o and anmento dos inquéritos não an ais efetiva, porque mais infoções irão surgir”, ressaltou uma fonte ligada à Lula de fetiva formais efetiva.

O PL advises for a company because it does not open any TSE and trabalhar for rejeitá-las, this is a legend font. Bolsonaro’s main advocate of co-operation, or former minister of TSE Tarcísio Vieira, came to a conclusion that would help kickstart the camp period, but they often lost new coffers.


The excessive preoccupation with nicknames had to do with Bolsonaro’s case of a criminal, the Public Prosecutor’s (PGR) biggest repository, the inclusion of the STF in the ex-president’s investigation for the purpose of inciting an anti-democratic or anti-democratic crime. It did not result in the invasion and destruction of Três Poderes.

Bolsonaro’s former minister of Justice Anderson Torres has a final report of adjournment of the prime minister’s office, secondly, one minute of a decision on a “defensive office” after being imprisoned in a home by the Federal Police at the TSE, in any pass stopped an accident that could have resulted in elimination.

Torres reported that the STF was facing a prison order issued by minister Alexandre de Moraes and made automated expeditions to return the United States from nowhere.

The second typeface of PL, the author of Marcelo Bessa’s attorney, criminal cases involving the former president or ex-president. Reuters, in three cases identified by Bolsonaro, a Supreme Assembly specifically advocated for security or privileges: or digital militias; The Father’s Vazamento of the Federal Police Service Sigilosa Research Registry has resulted in the final of the Pandemic CPI.

Currently, all dealings with the former president–all Moraes-related–was not permanent for any Supreme or execution in the first place. Moraes submitted a font to STF, giving your final decision for whatever reason.

Bolsonaro’s opportunity to stand out in investigative research, one of Lula’s most important speeches in his rapport with the former president, prompted PL to examine the fonts. defecate. “It wasn’t offered to the ex-president. Can’t fail”, disse.

No PL, secondly, a rise of Bolsonaro was the rise of Bolsonaro in an election during the presidency of Moraes in the second half of the 7th season of 2021, which was not Moraes’ presidential headquarters. “channel”.

(An interview with Anthony Boadle)

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