Reino Unido can direct the UK’s minister, Fundo Amazônia, to control the desmatamento

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for Anthony Boadle

BRASÍLIA (Reuters) – O Reino Unido is not considering entering President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s Amazon Region to fund tropical floresta sustainability, Meio Ambiente, Tarım and Assuntos Rurais, Thérèse Coffey.

“One of the best in the series analysis,” confirming that Coffey was at Reuters for the second time in Brazil, and has not compared Lula, the first to visit Brazil, with any dominance.

The British government has spent $1.2 billion to get a head start as the money chats at parceiros in Noruega and Alemanha.

Jair Bolsonaro’s biggest finances are chaotically managed and almost useless in projects led by the ONGs.

Lula’s initial decisions placed no burden on reinvigorating Bolsonaro’s policy and protecting the environment and contributed to making the biggest contribution in 15 years.

Rebuild Fundo Amazônia.

Coffey has studied many of Reino Unido’s representatives in Brazil, including rural sustainability programs and carbon baixo architecture programs to mobilize funds in one of the world’s largest financial centers.

O Reino Unido is Brazil’s biggest collaborator, it didn’t affect the environment any more, so it compromised more than 250 miles of books from international pilot fund, second hand.

Coffey met again with Marina Silva, Minister of Meio Ambiente, or Carlos Fávaro, Minister of Agriculture, and Sonia Guajajara, Minister of Indigenous Peoples.

“É is very important, it is not the first prime minister of Reino Unido compared to commercial objects”, said the minister Favaro, who received the deputy prime minister and Ukrainian Economy Minister Yuliia Svrydenko as the new minister.

Indigenous communities are privately involved in the Bolsonaro governor or mining activities that can wreak havoc in the Amazon.

Examine “Vejo um desejo and intenção de mudar isso”, an English minister.

Coffey invited Helder Barbalho, the governor of Pará, to visit the Estado for projects in tropical floresta.

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