Russia frees ex-US soldier before new moon rises

PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – A Rússia Libertou Quinta Feira (12) Taylor Dudley, 35, United States veteran who has been in Kaliningrad since April. Information announced by Bill Richardson, the former American ambassador of ONU.

Second and lawyer Jonathan Franks representing prestigious American families in the outdoors, Dudley is featured as a tourist in Europe and a music festival in Poland in front and entrance of Kaliningrad.

Due to the circumstances in which Dudley was permanently in Kaliningrad, it could not be disclosed and previously undisclosed. EUA Estado Departamento of EUA has been unable to comment in most cases since the US expulsion from Russia, in response to Washington diplomacy, in many cases, regarding privacy questions.

Brittney Griner’s American Basque Athlete won freedom in Moscou with the Russian Viktor Bout, the European Union’s biggest rival. Griner havia havia presa em humeiro, acusação de posse de xixe; An intense battle for gun traffic.

As the former governor of Também, Novo México, Richardson assisted in America’s outside freedom operations. They did not put Dudley in contact with any of the hosts on the front lines and at the homes, confirming that he was defending the Franks at Richardson Center.

Negotiations were approved by an organization, “to ensure Taylor’s definitive recovery, with the participation of Moscou and Kaliningrad, with total family support from the EUA family”.

The EUA’s representative in Warsaw liberated Dudley with the Franks. The Richardson Center was commissioned by American auto racing and Steve Menzies to secure Dudley’s return.

Ex-military American Paul Whelan served in Russia in 2018 and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. “Taylor’s return and comeback remains very preoccupied with the fate of Paul Whelan and he is engaged in trading for volta,” confirmed Richardson.

In the United States, Griner’s libertarian or American president Joe Biden urged him to abandon efforts to preserve or reclaim the old military. “Infelizmente, Moscou became the home of Paul, which had a different form from Brittney”, era.

The voltar repository in the EUA is a diaper to message Whelan. By approving the Olympic medal, “I want to make sure that security vulnerabilities and security vulnerabilities are eliminated in a place where I have an imaginary imagination”.

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