Should you wish the Raiden Shogun, Ayato, or their weapons?

Banners for the second half of Genshin Impact 3.3 are some of the game's best yet, featuring reruns of Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato, as well as their signature weapons.  If you're undecided about which banner to shoot, read our review.  (Photos: HoYoverse)

Banners for the second half of Genshin Impact 3.3 are some of the game’s best yet, featuring reruns of Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato, as well as their signature weapons. If you’re undecided about which banner to shoot, keep reading for us. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Second half banners Genshin Effect Version 3.3 will definitely smash a lot of players.

This half’s character banners first feature the mighty Electro Archon Raiden Shogun, while the other half features Kamisato Ayato, who tops our rankings for all characters coming out in 2022.

If you don’t have a stack of Primogems accumulated or don’t want to cough up some cash, we’re sure it will be tough to choose which top character to get.

But it all depends on what role is missing from your team comps. Need a boost that can apply very consistent Electro DMG and massive explosion DMG? Or do you have a flexible Hydro DPS capable of fast attacks and powering your team with her explosions?

Yahoo Gaming Sea He’s here to help you decide whether to choose the Raiden Shogun or Kamisato Ayato and get their signature weapon as well!

Shoot according to your playstyle

Raiden Shogun’s Electro element has even more versatility than before thanks to the introduction of the Dendro element, allowing you to use even more elemental reactions in battle.

While Raiden Shogun isn’t the best Electro character in the Aggravate squad as his build leaves little room for Elemental Mastery, Tighnari, Dendro Traveler, or even DSP Nahida.

You can also forgo your normal build and instead go to Hyperbloom by building 4 pieces of Gilded Dreams and stacking as many Elemental Masterys as possible. And while this is a perfectly valid construct, it’s still a huge waste of its potential.

After all, the Raiden Shogun is iconic with a team prepared to fully support him in the Hypercarry and mono-Electro series.

Raiden also excels in standard reactive teams like Electro-Charged or Superconduct, making it a must-have piece due to its consistent Electro application. His skill can also power your party’s explosions based on energy costs, and battery your team with continuous generation of elementary particles.

The Raiden Shogun boasts an enormously powerful blast that unleashes the iconic singular Mussou no Hitotachi, which easily overthrows a god and a Fatui Harbinger.

If you like a team battling massive DMG bursts and multiple reactions to Electro, then Raiden Shogun is for you!

While Kamisato Ayato isn’t very open to supporting roles like Raiden Shogun, he does offer Hydro support with his explosion giving the entire party a Normal ATK bonus when applying Hydro over a wide area.

It also takes 18 seconds to explode; that’s more than enough to explode if you’re going for reactions like Vaporize, Electro-Charged, Frozen, or even Bloom and Burgeon, whichever you prefer. It’s also great at blasting pure Hydro DMG if you’re more likely to prefer selfish DPS numbers.

Often times, Ayato will fill the Main or Sub DPS role in your team comps.

Ayato focuses more on giving fast and consistent HSR samples, rather than a big nuke trick like the Raiden Shogun;

Make sure your supports are ready!

Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato both need special supports to unlock their full potential.

Raiden Shogun has a more expensive suit because he needs a Kujou Sara with an active C6 to get the most out of the explosion. Kujou Sara grants a 60% Electro Critical DMG increase in the full constellation. It also buffs based on its base ATK, so it’s best to have it at max elevation with a high-based ATK weapon.

Besides Sara, you’ll also need an Anemo character like Venti, Sucrose or ideally Kaedehara Kazuha to get the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer buff. Kazuha is most optimal due to her passive, which increases Elemental DMG based on her Elemental Mastery whenever she spins a certain element (which should be Electro).

And like any hyperport team, Bennett is crucial to team composition ideally at C1 or higher, as it provides the potential for additional buffs with 20% of his base ATK rather than scaling in HP alone.

Ayato’s support team could be a little cheaper. He needs Yun Jin because Yun Jin can amp up his basic attacks with his blast scaling from his total DEF. Its buff also gains additional scaling with a team of disparate elements. C2 increases your Basic Attack DMG by an additional 15%, while C3 increases the level cap of his detonation for more buffs, so you should only have him on C3.

You can also opt for Anemo support with the 4-piece Viridescent Overlay set that can spin Ayato’s elements such as Venti, Sucrose or Kaedehara Kazuha. This is a tie between Venti and Kazuha because you’ll need a good crowd control character if you’re fighting mobs and of course Kazuha’s base DMG boost is a great addition to your team.

You can keep Bennett on this team, but Ayato’s skill leaves him vulnerable to attacks, so having a protector like Thoma or Zhongli on your team is a great option. Thoma for Vaporization and triggering Yun Jin’s passive, Zhongli for Rlemental RES shatter and a stronger shield. Both can work just fine in C0.

Who is easier to build?

Both the Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato are easy to build, with artifact sets tailored for the weapon options and kits available for free-to-play players.

Raiden Shogun’s best weapon to play is the 4-star The Catch weapon, where you can easily reach R5 by fishing all over Inazuma. Capturing increases the Critical Rate and Critical DMG of your explosion.

Besides the best Wrap Lighting in its slot, Raiden can also work well with other technically other general-purpose 5-star Polearms such as Skyward Spine and, if you have extra, Staff of Homa or Primordial Jade Winged Spear. For 4-star gacha, Wavebreaker’s Fin will be your best bet, especially in high heals.

But really, if you don’t have a fully established The Catch yet, you better go fishing.

The artifact set, the Severed Fate Emblem, plus the 4-piece set bonus, increases his instant DMG and comes from arguably the most resin-rich area.

Kamisato Ayato can perform well with the 4-star craftable weapon Amenoma Kageuchi, which is easy enough to get to R5 if you have enough Nordic Sword Billet.

For 5-star swords, it’s great with Mistplitter Reforged and Primordial Jade Cutter, as well as its signature weapon, Haran Gppaku Futsu. It can also work well with The Flute for 4-star gacha weapons. The Black Sword in the Battle Pass is also good for him.

Ayato can work with a variety of artifact sets. The best is Echoes of An Offer, but if you’re not interested in cultivating a domain that only offers Ayato and Xiao’s best creations in the slot, you can give him a 4-piece Heart of Depth or a combination of Heart of Depth and Heart of Depth. any ATK enhancing building kit.

This gun banner is one of the best ever, should you try shooting it?

The weapon banner in the second half of version 3.3 is also something you won’t want to miss, as both Engulfing Lightning and Haran Gppaku Futsu are up for battle!

These weapons are great investments for your account and will give you the most powerful version of Raiden Shogun or Ayato ever.

However, if you’re only shooting for one particular weapon and eventually get the other, that’s hardly a problem!

The Engulfing Lightning is a general purpose pole weapon that can be used by your polearm users who need an Energy Recharge. The passive significantly increases your ATK and gives you enough particles to recharge your explosion. It can be used by various characters such as Xiangling, Rosaria, Thoma, Shenhe, Yun Jin, and Candace if you don’t have Raiden Shogun.

Haran Geppaku Futsu, on the other hand, increases his Critical Rate, making him a desirable weapon for your sword DPS characters already. Passive gives you a basic DMG boost and can give you a maximum 20% Normal DMG bonus. Kaeya, Kamisato Ayaka, Keqing and Bennett can wield this sword if you haven’t drawn it for Ayato.

Genshin Effect is currently at version 3.3, which is expected to run until mid-January 2023.

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