Stars and public dressed the boy with cancer in pants

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield shared photos of Zoe Ball’s four-year-old niece with trousers on her head in support of leukemia charities after she was diagnosed with leukemia.

The initiative was started by Hannah Peckham, the sister of BBC Radio 2 presenter Ball, a schoolmate of ITV This Morning’s Willoughby, whose son Bodhi was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Inspired by a photo Peckham shared with his friends, he urges social media users to wear underwear like a hat and post a photo with the hashtag #PantsToLeukaemia.

Philip Schofield poses in pants on his Instagram stories

Nominated by Phillip Schofield, Peckham (Instagram/PA)

After Bodhi was diagnosed in November, Peckham “established a small group chat to keep our friends up to date”.

“Thursday was Bodhi’s fourth birthday and he was hospitalized again on Friday, so we had to cancel Sunday’s superhero birthday party,” he told PA news agency.

“I was updating the group and I took a picture of Bodhi and he was wearing socks and a vest like a typical four-year-old and then he had his pants on.

“The whole group responded in solidarity, with their photos, and no one there really knew each other, so it was really nice.

“We thought this might be a good way to raise some money and take our minds off it, and it’s great to see people getting involved.”

He added that those wishing to participate must take a photo of themselves or someone else in pants or a “short bonnet” on their head, donate to a leukemia charity such as Leukemia UK, Young Lives or Rocking Horse, and then make a post explaining it. by tagging friends about what they are doing and wanting to get involved.

Peckham asked Instagram users to tag his account as @hjpeckham and use the hashtags #PantsToLeukaemia, #postyourpants, #leukaemiaispants or #teambodhi.

Willoughby donned a pair of white panties and pouted for the post and nominated Emma Bunton, Gok Wan, Alison Hammond, Dermot O’Leary and Schofield.

Holly Willoughby on her Instagram story with pants on her head

He went to school with Willoughby Peckham (Instagram/PA)

Joining Trend, Schofield shared an Instagram story that he added dressed up in a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers and “makes him look like a chef”, and tagged and nominated his celebrity friends Oti Mabuse, Josie Gibson and Rochelle Humes to do the same.

Dozens of social media users did the same after Ball shared a description of the initiative on BBC Radio 2’s breakfast programme.

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