Tesla driver is at the center of growing list of road accidents in Southern California

A Tesla driver appears to be at the center of the growing list of road accidents in Southern California.

Several people spoke to the press about their experiences of being attacked by the same man, apparently, in a dark car with no license plate or with the license plates turned off.

A woman recently told KABC that she was attacked by the man while she was with her 93-year-old mother in June.

“Tesla was coming into oncoming traffic,” the unidentified woman told the local television station. “We ran across each other and I said to him, ‘You can do it, just keep coming slow.’ And immediately, he went into some kind of psycho mode and started screaming and moving.

He said he left his car, threw cans at them, and then went back to his Tesla. He added that a butler tried to calm him down but was punched in the face.

“Boom! It just hits him in the face,” he told KABC.

Security footage shows the man throwing something at the valet attendant.

“I pull out my phone, start taking a few pictures. I try to pull back. They come in,” the woman said.

The man looks enraged before leaving in his car. According to KABC, there have been 10 disputes involving the Telsa driver.

Victims claim they were harassed and occasionally chased by someone in a dark Tesla, with the most recent incident reportedly on Wednesday.

“Honestly, I felt like he was going to break my windows or take me out,” one victim told a local television station.

Another woman said she had a black eye when she was attacked by the same man in the parking lot of Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia in October 2021. She claimed that she yelled at him and damaged her vehicle before she crashed.

A Tesla driver is allegedly behind a string of traffic accident incidents in Southern California (Screenshot/KABC)

A Tesla driver is allegedly behind a string of traffic accident incidents in Southern California (Screenshot/KABC)

Wednesday’s alleged attack took place on Highway 2 in Glendale at around 8:00 am when a man jumped out of his car without a license plate, wearing a green T-shirt and mask.

In the footage, it is seen that the person got out of the vehicle and hit the vehicle behind him.

“At the beginning, ‘Should I stick it to the wall with my car?’ you think. “Should I crush him?” ‘What should I do?’” the victim said to KTLA. “And I tried to focus and thought, ‘I don’t want to go from victim to criminal all of a sudden.'”

The victim said he began filming after seeing the Tesla driver attack another car that same morning, chasing a white sedan towards the exit, trying to get out, and crashing into the car before it could move.

The driver of the car told KABC that he honked his horn to the Tesla driver because it took a long time to merge.

“Honestly, I felt like he was going to either break my windows or pull me out,” he said.

In a video recorded by one of the victims, the man tells him, “You better get out of Cali, where you come from.”

“You don’t even know where I’m from,” she replies. “I was born and raised in LA.”

Each of the victims reported the incidents to the police, and an investigation was launched by the California Highway Patrol. New York Post.

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