Tesouro’s new name, RendA+, no longer compensates for any prazos, it is very flexible; agreement

PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) — A party on Jan. 30, that Tesouro Nacional, as a public name, may cause extra repetitions to encourage investors. Judging by the experts consulted with Folha, the potential advantages and disadvantages of new products may be more positive than most negatives.

Entre os pontos prefers título, uses RendA+, simplified the purchasing process because it prefers to associate with private investment schemes, similar to private investment schemes.

On the other hand, as a product that can be considered flexible, it is not allowed to identify beneficiaries such as death or escape, as the investor prefers to find a job after a savings.

Lançado is not the finale of dezembro, or Tesouro RendA+, which resulted in a 6% increase in actual jury taxes in a case relative to the simulator.

An idea that an investor can save for many years to avoid being considered a useful idea in the future.

Those interested can create an agenda on new topics that are equivalent to new beginnings, with the possibility of pagamento via Pix. The minimum value to invest around R$30 and can be purchased as a batch on the Tesouro Direto platform on January 30th.

Initially, some of the options for interview data are a period in which investment is currently accumulating: 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, 2050, 2055, 2060 and 2065.

A basic modidade diferença tesouro for other titles is in the form of resgate. With the accumulated total value accumulated, the investor can value 240 parcels or more over 20 years.

Esse é um incomodou specialistas. Reinaldo Domingos, president of Abefin ​​(Brazilian Association of Education Finance Professionals) and for DSOP Education Finance, definition of resgate prazosin as a “need-to-have”.

“After 20 years, you can have an ongoing preview characteristic. That eliminates the possibility of a much longer lifespan. You can be flexible”, knee.

Written by Rodrigo Correa, investment strategist for BRA BS correto. Second, private security plans selling at half-and-half on RendA+ offer numerous benefits for the investor, including a vital living space option.

“Aquele [dinheiro] Once approved, when more pessoas expire 60 years later, say, 80”, you’re likely to have a problem increasing life expectancy in Brazil.

Flávio Humberto Pretti, the plane that finances Planejar (Associação Brasileira de Planejamento Financeiro), concords with a critic, and it’s the production-related hard work that is vital in a customer review hour.

Simplification and client combined RendA+ with Tesouro, or new publicly available titles, led mainly or autonomously by trabalhadores, with the smallest and smallest salaries. The potential estimate is $3 million for implementation in the new model.

To popularize RendA+, the management of apostates simplified the process. Interests can be investments required for intermediaries, without the Research Portal it eliminates simplified stages or cadastres.

The possibility of purchasing a pagamento worth at least R$30 on Pix is ​​considered eligible for democratization of the title.

Made it easy to train Domingos and Abefin. “Foresight [privada] tem muita burocracia”, knee. A credit that, thanks to access and incremental simulations, the European Union can replace what should have been in Brazil: agilidade”, confirmed.

The most important feature that experts offer is custom. As the object of Tesouro, cobras, as the most hunted taxa, promoted a poupança for an aposentadoria.

He made no predictions to avoid paying a tax to B3’s detention center to receive the lowest salary ever (from R$7,272). As part of its value, a tax rate is an increase of 0.1%.

You can decide how the sales will be before the taxes are reduced. Zero and percent persistence is a return value of 0.5%. At 10 to 20 years, a taxon cai 0.2%. Sales limit exceeded in 20 years, or fica percentage of 0.1%.

Marcia Dessen, financial certificate holder (CFP, signed in English), thinks there is an advantage in a similar product relationship.

Used, a preview plan, values ​​for core values, best caro. Cobra rates capping between 1% and 2% of administrative taxes applicable over the years.

Big investors bought 0.6%, 0.7% of taxes. [para quem levar o investimento até o final]”, approve.

However, due to previous sales data, it could be an empecilho with Michael Viriato, co-founder of Casa do Investidor and columnist for Folha. Second, you need to take a few steps and take a few minutes to invest.

Under no circumstances in RendA+ calculate precisely a retention tax of 0.5% from a customer, for example, Renda Imposto de Imposto, who will definitely withdraw or become valuable after a few years.

This can be a downside, which is a leasability and a positive sight for Viriato, there are no other legal moments in principle. “O product, a jury scanned the taxon for a big period. This title was a long time for the Brazilian investor to compare.”

Together with Tesouro, RendA+ secured a tax contract with no amount of talk (20 years).

Beneficiaries and donations, in the absence of RendA+, this new title has valued fixed investments by half. For a refund up to 180 days, a stake is 22.5%. Entry 181 and 360 days, 20%. De 361 to 720 dias, a taxon cai 17.5%. Após 720 days, 15%.

Rodrigo Correa of ​​BRA BS is a value that can lead to negativity with past plans. When the sign is retracted, that IR pod a 10% — Cinco pontos percentage is the lowest without RendA+.

Dessen não vê nisso uma desvantagem. The discussion of the management taxa of foresight plans includes much more than just any application or application. The biggest hurdle as a taxon with Tesouro’s new name is an aircraft accreditation that compensates for a non-final product.

“A counterparty invests 5% of the cost of Renda, but not more than the total. [acumulado]mas apenas sobre os redimentos”, knee.

Outraquest is a legacy of legacy. No foresight plans, investor can identify beneficiaries after death, no RendA+ dynamics and one of the biggest topics in Tesouro.

The inhibition and impossibility of new movements led to the end of invention. During this time, the titles were processed normally. It resulted in the invention of re-registering or transferring titles to new titles.

According to Abefin ​​Reinaldo Domingos, could it be a problem, perhaps a few half-time entries where the investor couldn’t make the choice they could imagine?

It turned out that RendA+ was worth a penny. “I am a passive means of production, no investment is irreversible.”

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