The northern city of Mohe reported the lowest temperature

China’s northernmost Mohe recorded its lowest temperature since records began.

Known as “China’s North Pole”, Mohe is located in Heilongjiang province, close to the Russian border.

On Sunday, the local weather station recorded a record low temperature of -53C (-63F) at 7am. The previous coldest temperature recorded in the city was -52.3C in 1969.

However, the temperature is still below China’s national record.

The lowest temperature recorded in China in December 2009 was -58C in the city of Genhe in Inner Mongolia.

In contrast, the lowest temperature ever recorded in England is -27.2C and was set in different parts of Scotland in 1895, 1982 and 1995.

Mohe is no stranger to cold weather: China Daily says the city is considered the coldest city in China, and the winter period “usually lasts eight months.”

As a result, the “North Pole” attracts tourists throughout the year with its ice and snow parks, ski resorts. It has also hosted winter marathons in previous years.

At this time of year, it’s common for the city to see average temperatures of -15C.

Last week, China’s meteorological authority issued warnings for harsh temperatures and cold winds in the region.

Xinhua News Agency reported new record low temperatures over the weekend in parts of the Greater Khingan mountain range, which includes Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang.

Temperatures in Mohe have dropped below -50C for three consecutive days since Friday, and outlets said this was unprecedented.

Map showing Mohe

Map showing Mohe

Beijing News reported on Friday that coal consumption in the city rose by a third due to the cold weather effect.

Car companies also told the newspaper that they use the cold to test the braking performance of vehicles.

One resident told Kanji Video that within 10 seconds of stepping outside, his hands went numb, but he saw very few people around.

It is hazy about 100 meters in front of you, you cannot see anyone,” he said.

A tourist with the surname Li told Beijing News that he was making a special trip from China’s southernmost province, Guangdong, to experience the extreme weather.

“I didn’t expect it to drop below -50C this year, which was quite a surprise,” he told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, official broadcaster CCTV showed that a journalist cracked an egg on the exterior, causing the egg to freeze within seconds.

More generally, the media pays tribute to essential workers, including police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and street cleaners who continue to work outside in the cold.

China saw record temperatures in the cold as well as the heat last year.

Earlier this month, Xinhua news agency said the country recorded the hottest summer and autumn in 60 years, with many cities breaking records.

Climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme weather in general – and while scientists agree that global temperatures are rising, that doesn’t mean we won’t experience periods of very cold weather.

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