This Sgin laptop is a mind-blowing 73% off and is the perfect excuse to get a new PC!

Everyone loves a good sale, and this laptop deal is one of the best deals we’ve seen this year (or last year)! closed. It pays off with 12GB of RAM, 512GB of internal drive and multiple port support. In other words, this laptop is a Clydesdale-level workforce in a small package that will give you everything you need to start that small business you’ve always dreamed of.

Lightweight and portable

Despite the amount of power packed into this laptop, it has a thin shell and weighs just 1.7kg. You can easily fold it and put it in a backpack on the go. With a wide variety of ports, you can connect mice, keyboards and even external monitors to suit your personal workflow.

“Excellent laptop. Top features are definitely 5 stars – screen quality, battery life and light weight. It’s a thin, quality laptop. I didn’t know much about the brand, so I looked at the reviews before buying it. I agree It’s an underrated brand. I do it all. “While I can use it for my needs, my daughter can use it for her future school needs as well as for her desires to play.” “Installation was quick and simple! Thank God because when the new laptop arrived my little girl wanted to use it right away. The battery charges quickly and windows is ready to use. All she has to do is find the apps/games she’s ready to play. The sound quality is good. Laptop My PC was getting old and it was great to find this laptop that met all my needs. And at a very affordable price! Overall, I’d say it’s a great value for all its features.”

This Sgin Notebook packs a surprising amount of power into a small frame, and at a very high cost.  (Photo: Amazon)

This Sgin Notebook packs a surprising amount of power into a small frame, and at a very high cost. (Photo: Amazon)

more power

One of the features that caught our attention was 12GB of RAM. That’s a surprising number for a few technical reasons we won’t cover here, but also for a more practical reason. Most laptops have 4GB or 8GB of RAM and gaming laptops are equipped with 16GB or more of RAM. This laptop sits right in the middle of those numbers, providing plenty of power to tackle things like Photoshop work or video processing.

This is paired with the 2.9 GHz processor powering the entire machine. You can even expand the internal memory up to 512GB for over 1TB total storage with a TF card.

A satisfied customer said, “This laptop is great for video and image editing. Its screen is huge and it runs videos very fluently.” “The keyboard is nice and quiet, at least compared to the keyboard on my computer. The laptop can also run some games that are not very demanding in the graphics department. The large storage is also very useful. Overall, this laptop is 5/5 stars.”

That’s a great deal for a laptop with this level of power. One thing to note is that despite these features, immortality make a great gaming laptop. It uses onboard graphics instead of a dedicated graphics card, so while you can handle a few non-demanding games, you won’t be able to play anything like: cyberpunk 2077 Upon this

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