‘Titanic’ Fans Have Lots of Questions About Kate Winslet’s Hair in the Movie’s New Movie Poster

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Titanic 25th Anniversary 3D movie poster

Titanic 25th Anniversary 3D movie poster

20th Century Studios

What’s going on with Kate Winslet’s new hair? Titanic banner?

That’s the question fans have been asking on social media since the movie’s final trailer and movie poster re-released Tuesday for its 25th anniversary.

In the poster, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack is seen embracing the sullen Rose in Winslet’s lap. But what caught the attention of many was that half of her head showed a curvy updo as seen early in the movie, while the other half showed slightly loose waves as seen later in the movie.

Rose’s dichotomy about ‘doing’ led to questions and even some jokes about why the choice was made, and one Twitter user wrote, “left side in the streetson the right side of the sheet.” Another person mocked, “At its core, Titanic is a hair story.

25th Anniversary Rerelease of “Titanic” Poster Art

Paramount Pictures

Some even compared the hairstyle to a mullet – here a person’s hair is cut shorter in the front and left long in the back. One person tweeted, “What’s going on with Kate Winslet’s hair? This is the upside down mullet

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The film’s creators have yet to answer why they finally decided to style Winslet’s hair this way for the poster. But some online say they suspect it has something to do with his story in the movie. One Twitter user, your style”represents duality He has to portray his social role and the life he wants to have.”

The film follows two hapless lovers on their journey aboard the doomed RMS TitanicIt will return to cinema screens next month as high frame rate 3D 4K HDR.

Titanic It previously held the #1 box office record for 15 weeks and became the highest-grossing film of all time, eventually grossing $2.2 billion worldwide – a record it held until James Cameron’s 2009 film. avatar.

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Cameron, 68, recently told Deadline that he “couldn’t imagine this movie” without the two lead actors, DiCaprio, 48, and Winslet, 47, who both won their own Oscars later in their careers.

“Kate really liked him,” the producer said of DiCaprio. “Then Leonardo decided he didn’t want to make the movie. So I had to convince him.”

Titanic 25th Anniversary

Titanic 25th Anniversary

Paramount Pictures

During the interview, Cameron noted: Titanic If DiCaprio had decided not to take on the role of Jack, or if anything else in the production had come together in a different way, “it wouldn’t have been a movie.”

“You think in any of these places, if this was really just a little worn out, it would be someone else and it wouldn’t be that movie,” he said. “And I can’t imagine that movie with and without him.”

Cameron also told PEOPLE: Titanic The special edition issue where he “spent a year researching” the real Titanic because he wanted the movie “to be as accurate as possible”.

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“I said to the team, ‘Guys, I want us to go back in a time machine and film what happened.’ Of course, the history is a bit difficult and people had different accounts.”

“But we came pretty close, and in our next 20+ years of research, nothing really upset anything important in the movie,” he continued. “As a rivet-counting nerd, can I make a few tweaks to the movie? Yes, but I think we got it pretty much right.”

Titanic It returns to theaters on February 10.

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