Trump deflects blame and claims ‘abortion problem’ screwed up GOP in midterms

Nearly two months after the Republican Party’s disappointing spectacle in the 2022 midterm elections, former president Donald Trump has claimed no role in the GOP’s high-profile defeats in multiple statewide races, despite having endorsed each of the losing candidates.

Mr. Trump has spent most of the last day of 2022 and the first days of 2023 blasting repeated defenses of his political record in a series of statements he made during his presidential campaign. they were defeated in the GOP primaries after surpassing the former president in one way or another.

Included in this list are two retired senators, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Jeff Flake of Arizona. Mr. Toomey’s successor, elected senator John Fetterman, won his sworn seat Tuesday, defeating Trump-backed TV host and former cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz.

Voters have also rejected Trump-approved candidates in high-profile gubernatorial races in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as state department races in key states like Arizona and Michigan, where all the former president’s supporters have lost statewide races. In exit polls, voters overwhelmingly said their decision to support Democrats in these races was a response to the extremist views of the GOP candidates, as prominent supporters of the lies Mr. .

Yet the twice impeached former president now claims that voters rejected the Republicans last year not because of their decision to embrace the “big lie” about the election that the candidates lost more than two years ago, but because of the landmark decision. by a Supreme Court majority, which includes the three judges he has nominated to the supreme court.

Writing on Truth Social on Sunday, Mr Trump said, “that wasn’t it. [his] He argued that the GOP did not perform as well as expected last year, and that what has been bothering voters is the “abortion issue” because it has been “badly handled by many Republicans, particularly those who have persistently insisted on No Exceptions.” Rape, Incest or Mother’s Life cases lost a lot of Voters”.

She also complained that the Republican voters who elected her were “fulfilling their wishes”, in part thanks to her promise to appoint judges that would break the half-century-old precedent that supported a woman’s right not to terminate a pregnancy if she wanted to. from the US Supreme Court, [and] disappeared completely, never to be seen again”.

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