“Veo a Memphis paricido a Costa”

Majadahonda (Madrid), 20 ene (EFE).- Diego Simeone, Madrid Atletico Madrid entrepreneur, current position of Memphis Depay, “best version of the best version of recovery” and more Diego Costa’s “paricido”, It is a time period that maximizes the importance of “compromise” in equipment games to show the “order and capacity” of the camp.

“Become a youth with a lot of enthusiasm, with healing powers, with all your strength, in your greatest version. We strive to ensure that the footballers, in Lyon, in France, firmly, have strong strength and physical strength. Valuing Memphis, Barcelona’ To travel to have great form, while traveling around the world and since 2025 in junior high and junior high.

How are you? “A delantero that you can do as a first tailstock or a second tailstock. Afuera, delantero of jugando terminó, explode, explode, describe as Costa and imagine Memphis shown in etapas, “things to do in France”, Argentina entrepreneurial competition.

“Last season (in Barcelona) very few points (13 goals in 38 parties) and no best game (best start, three starts and one tanto)”, plenty of Simeone, que aguarda “anticipation” Sunday final, ” Attached to Atlético Madrid” and “club trabajando with the result where the equipment is needed” with “possibilities to compete with buenos football fans”.

The Memphis Depay legend features a 20 million euro Barcelona pick option by Yannick Carrasco. “The club as a result of the present and the future, sabiendo que, si cede lo de Carrasco of no, porque no estoy to all tanto de como es la gestion, si seva imperative, si se queda, en el future tenemos other football players Most of the time I envision haciendo muy bien and me as a successful club trabaja sabiencia in the future of other football fans”, again.

There is no Simeone, a condition for players to play this season. “This is the most important thing for Carrasco. It is valuable to me as a result of entrenamientos and entrenamientos. Yannick saw the buens versions the most with the nosotros and ojalá was the leveling of tenido”, value.

Atletico was Valladolid’s best friend, which was a region of successive ups and downs. “There is not enough equipment for the results to accompany a game and situation that stands out at a party, important parties, because the game is considered an entrepreneur, very clearly and precisely formed, very clearly and precisely. Gente ofensivamente buscando partido” , declare.

“Y de parte nuestra, on other days (before Levante) in the second time slot and at the big party in Almería, at a big party, what is the most important situation, no matter how important, when you want to log in to Maksimo, there may be a few of these parties “, repeat.

“What is needed to compromise the game. Another day (before the Supreme Levante), in the early times of pasamos bienpo. Charlamos too many 10 minutes, paronda tuvimos in one entrance. The hand equipment is very good. , no system, three or There is no parado in the three cuatros, no games in football, no games to play, no deliberate games to show player capacity”, advirtió.

“In the second time period, there is something completely different. The world left the world with the intention of continuing the returned states”, the explanation of technique, espero, with curiosity “fuerza”, “it exists in every party” This conjuncture can be “best”.

“Me espero la gente que esté cerca del equipo, porque el equipo está cansado, porque viene de jugar cada tres días, un esfuerzo grande, este es el tercer partido, es lo que nos toca, nadie le importa, es lo que hay , It was declared the best duel and duel, necessary for the nobles and the rulers to start in the best way, the best version of the technique and the footballers “to reach the highest level together”.

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