Who is Anna May Robey? Meet Swansea payroll assistant with funny ‘ick’

love island returns to our screens with a brand new series that will brighten up the winter days.

The ITV2 dating show returns this January for the first series to be filmed in South Africa since the pandemic.

Among this series’ group of islanders are a contestant with Vitiligo, the show’s first low-vision star, and a body stuntman who was once Emma Watson’s replacement.

Among the contenders is payroll manager Anna-May Robey. You can learn more about him below…

Who is Anna May?

Hailing from Swansea, 20-year-old Anna-May is the youngest competitor in the original Love Island cast this year.

The payroll manager says he’s “funny, energetic and spontaneous” and will bring lots of fun to the villa. “I run around singing and screaming all the time,” she says. “My family always said ‘Shut up!’ says”

What is Anna-May doing in the villa?

Anna-May says she hopes to leave the villa with a boyfriend, which is a good place to start. “I want to find someone who makes me laugh,” she says. “I’ve been single for a long time, my mom’s bothering me, she says, ‘You need to find a boyfriend.'”

He thinks he’s single because he’s “fussy” and “gets sick easily”. The weirdest comeback? “Watching a kid get a haircut and the barber pushing the seat up, you know the pumping thing? I used to go to the barbershop with my ex and sit there and have to look away whenever the barber did it.”

But Anna-May says she often falls in love with people who aren’t interested in her. She adds: “I become obsessed with someone when they don’t like me. But once they start giving me the attention I want, I’m not interested anymore.”

Who is the celebrity crush?

Anna-May says Anthony Joshua is 100 percent his type on paper, but “wouldn’t say no to Jamie Dornan either.”

The guests of her dream dinner party would again be Joshua, Ricky Gervais and Olly Murs, and Coldplay would compose the soundtrack.

“I love Coldplay, I absolutely love them, I’ll probably listen to Coldplay forever,” he says.

What is Anna-May’s Instagram account?

Anna-May’s Instagram page is @annamayrobey. However, due to a change in this lineup, you will have to wait until you leave the villa to see their posts. love island.

Unlike in previous years, when the islanders put their profiles in the hands of loved ones, ITV asked winter 2023 contestants to “stagnate” their accounts during their stay on this show.

ITV introduced this measure to prevent the “negative effects of social media”.

love island It returns on Monday, January 16 at 21:00 on ITV2.

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